2023 New Year's macOS App Bundle $2-$8 each

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2023 New Year's macOS App Bundle $2-$8 each

Welcome to the 2023 New Year’s macOS App Bundle! This bundle has 48 apps for Mac; you can select each one that you need to use in your bundle. This offer bundle for Mac has included a variety of apps to help you make the most of your Mac.

Here are some of offers in this bundle for you to select:

First up is WebP Converter - AnyWebP. This app allows you to easily convert images from various formats into WebP format and from WebP to JPG and PNG format. As a result, you can optimize your images for web use and make them load faster.

Next is Presentify, an app that helps you create beautiful presentations quickly and easily. With Presentify, you can create stunning slideshows with photos and videos, add animations, and more.

Infinite Skies Pro is a powerful photo editor that lets you easily edit photos. With this app, you can adjust colors, add effects, and more with just a few clicks.

maPhotoResizer 2 is an app that helps you quickly resize images for web use. It helps resize your images to any size and format you need.

DropSync is a great app for synchronizing your files between your Mac and other devices. With DropSync, you can easily sync photos, videos, music, documents, and more across your devices.

So there you have it - the 2023 New Year’s macOS App Bundle! With these apps, you’ll have everything you need to get your Mac up and running for the new year. Enjoy!

Summary of App Bundle macOS 2023! This is a set of apps that include everything you need to get your new Mac set up in the new year. It has included a variety of apps to help you get the most out of your Mac. Download now and experience it!

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  • Note This offer could expire, price subject to change at anytime

  • 5000+ Professional LUTs Bundle $2
  • HazeOver $1
  • DoYourClone for Mac $2.5
  • Do Your Data Recovery Pro $3
  • Mission Control Plus $3.5
  • 1500+ Photoshop Brushes Bundle $3
  • MyDraw
  • 100 Skies Pack $2
  • Ambient Soundscapes Pack $1.5
  • Emotional Music and Samples Pack $1.5
  • maWatermarker4 $4.5
  • Swish $3.99
  • World Clock Deluxe 4 $2.5
  • Smultron $3
  • Fantasy Music and Samples Pack $1.5
  • 10 Display Fonts $1
  • Doneit $3
  • AnyWebP $2.5
  • QuartzCode $3
  • Currency Assistant 3 $2
  • Infinite Skies Pro $2.5
  • MockGo $4.5
  • Batteries $2.5
  • Paletro $2
  • TableFlip $2
  • Data Guardian $2
  • WebP Converter
  • Super Eraser $2.5
  • Camouflage $2.5
  • PDF Watermarker $2.5
  • 1000+ Realistic Photo Overlays Bundle $2.5
  • BetterZip $6.99
  • Anycompressor $3
  • DropSync $3.5
  • Presentify $3
  • MonsterWriter $2.5
  • MacMagic $2
  • 100 Gradient Backgrounds $2.5
  • maPhotoResizer 2 $2.5
  • 2000 Filmmaking LUTs and Presets Bundle $3.5
  • BetterZip $6.99
  • GreenBooks $5

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