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Vultr $50 credits Deploy a New WordPress website/blog

Vultr has made an offer for WP beginners, WordPress users, or anyone who is using or willing to use WordPress, a $50 credits free to deploy a new WordPress website on Vultr’s VPS hosting platform.

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This $50 credit is added to your account to use for your VPS usage. If you were to select a $5 VPS to install a WordPress website, it would be similar to a 1-month free of use for the VPS hosting. And the $5 VPS hosting is the minimum resource to make a WordPress website works properly.

Get $50 Credits Here

It’s a limited time offer, it could expire any time.

Vultr is Now available in 23 locations around the globe. You can select any server that nearby your end target audiences to deploy your WordPress website.

Do you know that the VPS hosting 200% faster than the limited shared hosting?

Shared web hosting is the hosting that sharing to a lot of end users and it has limited resources. So that why when your WordPress website hosted on the limited resources might be lower than a VPS hosting.

A lot of people know that VPS hosting harder to use than the shared hosting? Yes, of course, but with the help of Vultr 1-Click to install WordPress website, you don’t need to know about it.

Use this Link after you have finished sign-up new account at Vultr: Deploy WordPress

Choose the VPS location and then choose WordPress 1-click to install application. At the last step hitting on Deploy Now button.

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