SurveyRock Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription
SurveyRock Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription
  • SurveyRock Premium Plan Lifetime Subscription
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  • Create Surveys & Questionnaires, Share, and Analyze! Get the Feedback You Need. Quick and Easy, at an Amazing Price

Easily get the feedback you need to improve your business. Get started quickly using one of SurveyRock’s many predefined templates (customer satisfaction, employee feedback, college course reviews, etc.) or if you already know what you want to say, just start adding questions. Choose from numerous question types and survey themes that fit your brand. After you have created your survey, the next step is to share it with others. Distribute it through email, Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging. The choice is up to you. After people have taken your survey, you want to know what they’ve said. Review the results, analyze the data, look for trends, and better improve your business.

SURVEYROCK is a survey platform for enterprise users to have access to valuable information from their customer base. The platform uses a methodology that provides companies with customer feedback on their products. Their data scientists create surveys that are used by enterprises of all sizes, so they can effectively get feedback on the quality of their products.

Drag and drop questions into the survey

SurveyRock is a web-based survey application that allows for creating and running online surveys. The software was designed to be intuitive and provide robust functionality while keeping the design clean and user-friendly. Surveys can be created with just a few clicks, and then drag and drop functionality makes it easy to edit questions on the fly. Whether you need an educational survey or a poll for your organization, SurveyRock provides you with everything you need.

When it comes to surveys, there are numerous ways to frustrate respondents. One of the best ways is by confusing them with unclear, irrelevant, or difficult questions. Another is by asking for too much information. So how is the best option for the survey? Here is come an option for you to choose. SurveyRock has a drag and drops experience that allows users to create surveys with fewer questions and more manageable question sequences.

Multi Languages support

There are many survey platforms available, but SurveyRock is different in that it is available in 24 different languages! SurveyRock is aiming to have surveys available in every language of the world.

Responsive design

SurveyRock is a survey platform that is responsive to any size of the device, from the smallest to the largest. The surveys are designed to accommodate any size of the screen and make it easy for you to use them from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. You can sign up for a membership and create a survey in just a few minutes.

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Key features

  • Unlimited surveys, questions, & responses
  • Use all of our different question types
  • Use all of our distributors: URL, Facebook, Twitter, QR code or embedded HTML.
  • Export your survey data to spreadsheet (.xls, .csv) or SPSS (.sav) for further analysis.
  • Survey logic: PagePath & QuestionPath
  • Share results with others
  • Filter responses
  • Crosstabulation
  • Create your own survey theme or choose from existing ones
  • API access

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