Enjoy the Mac Spaces Manager Pro Lifetime License From $9 this holiday. This is the only chance to get this license for just $9 because this offer just available for this holiday season only.

  • Spaces Pro for Mac: Lifetime License
  • Buy License
  • Expires: Mar 18, 2023

  • Note: This software offer could sell out before the deadline time!

Mac Spaces Manager Pro software is designed to declutter, manage and organize your workspace on macOS in one single click. The software provides you with a way to help you keep your desktop organized and tidy. With Mac Spaces Manager Pro, you can easily manage your Mac all in one place.


  • Create unlimited spaces of “Workspace” type
  • Automate spaces from other apps using deeplinks
  • Spotlight search
  • Create unlimited spaces of “Launcher” type
  • Manual controls
  • Siri shortcuts
  • Supports apps, websites & system apps
  • Raycast integration
  • 16+ Custom Layouts (NEW)

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