Here is the only place offers domain name for lifetime registration.

Now say goodbye to the yearly domain renewal, you can buy it onetime and use it forever. There is the only place on the internet world offers domain name lifetime registration.

Yes, a domain name registrar is the place I’ve mentioned above. There’s nowhere else they can offer you that feature on domain name registration.

epik com domain lifetime registration forever
Founded 2009, a domain name registrar, has accredited by Icann for the first domain registrar offers forever domain registration. accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Bitcoin, Masterbucks credits, Discovery as a payment method to buy domain names or any other services at

forever domain registration lifetime

The lifetime registration prices for .COM domain name at the time I checkout is $420. Other domain name extensions might have a cost cheaper or higher depend on each of extension.

Register domain name forever Pay onetime

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If you don’t have enough fund to register a domain name forever, maybe you can try to register the domain name for the yearly subscription or in between 1-year to 10-year subscriptions .

The domain name yearly registration is quite cheap, it around $8.49 per year and this price will go the same on the year after that. This the soft price, very competitive to other domain name registrars

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