Black Friday 2018: 1 TB $15 & 3TB $37.50 Zoolz Cloud Storage LIFETIME Subscription

This Black Friday, Inkydeals offers a 50% off coupon code site-wide for all of the products. Zoolz cloud storage is also promoted their product on Inkydeals.

The original price:

  • $29 for 1TB Lifetime Subscription
  • $75 for 3TB Lifetime Subscription

After I’ve applied the coupon code the price changed to this:

  • $15 for 1TB Lifetime Subscription
  • $37.50 3TB for Lifetime Subscription.

To get the discount look like that, you must use the Inkydeals Black Friday 2018 coupon code:

Note This coupon code only available for Black Friday 2018 sale. Expiration date: soon…N/A. If at the time you check the coupon has expired or the product sold out, please feel free with it. 

The publish date of this post: November 24th, 2018 (24-11-2018)

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