The provider offers you a Magiclingua 10-Week Speaking Challenge Lifetime Access for only $99. Language Learning Built for Your Tongue—Master a New Language by Regular Practice & Building a Conversation Habit.

  • 300 videos explaining Spanish grammar
  • 10 weeks of exercises
  • 2,500 sentences you’ll speak yourself (you’ll get feedback by the voice-recognition engine)
  • Personal Spanish coach who answers all your questions via email
  • Optional: video chat sessions w/ native speakers

Magiclingua is the first language learning app built for the tongue, not for the thumb. The core of the solution is an innovative AI-powered conversation bot that engages users in natural voice chats, giving learners the speaking practice they miss out on in other solutions. Users are guided through courses by teachers who explain grammar in short video tutorials. For authentic, real-life interaction, users can book a video chat session with a native speaker at the end of every lesson to practice what they have learned.

This post published on March 12, 2020

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