luminar-2018 black friday sale

$59 Luminar 2018, Aurora HDR 2019 Black Friday Offer + Bonuses

On this Black Friday, the provider of Luminar and Aurora HDR software offers to all of the designers a massive discount.

From now November 21st, 2018 to November 28th, 2018 any designers are going to buy a Luminar 2018 or Luminar 2018 or  Aurora HDR + Luminar 2018 will get these offers. Here is the details:

1.$59 Luminar 2018 software + Exclusive Black Friday Bonuses:

Below are the  exclusive Black Friday bonuses:

  •  1 year of FREE SmugMug Portfolio plan (US$180)
  •  119 Dramatic & Romantic Sky Overlays (US$29)
  •  20% OFF COOPH Photography Apparel and accessories (on all purchases overEUR100)

Here is the Pre-Sale Offer Bonuses:

  •  ViewBug: 3-month Pro membership (US$42)
  •  KelbyOne: 2-month Pro membership (US$40)
  •  Rocky Nook: Choice of ANY e-book (US$40)
  •  Daniel Kordan: Awesome Landscapes Tutorial (US$29)
  •  Manfrotto & Gitzo: $20 gift card on any $120 purchase (US$20)

*Any designers, photographer,… who purchase Luminar 2018 from November 1 through 28 will get these bonuses for free.

2.$119 only for the bundle: Luminar + Aurora HDR Bundle (it cost $168) $49 Off.

*Note that the coupon codes won’t work for the Luminar 2018 + Aurora HDR 2019 Bundle and won’t give any additional savings on this offer. 

3. $99 Aurora HDR 2019 + Exclusive Black Friday Bonuses:

Here are the bonuses when buying the Aurora HDR 2019:

  • 1-year Portfolio plan from SmugMug
  • 3-month membership on Stuck In Customs Passport
  •  US $300 OFF Iceland Photo Tours

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