$399 Epik .COM domain Lifetime Registration Black Friday 2018 Promo

WOW. Oh my god, this is the craziest deal that I’ve ever seen, at this Black Friday event, Epik a domain name registrant offer .COM domain name with lifetime registration for only $399.  It means you can own a COM domain name forever without renewal for just only $399

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Promotion 

Do you know what? The regular price at Epik.com was $402 or more but in Black Friday 2018 it just $399 only.

Note: This is a limited sale, it could over soon. I do not guarantee you that the price $399 is always available for all the time. After Black Friday the cost will be back to the regular price.

There is no domain name registrar can offer such a deal like this at this moment.  As I see the maximum of registration time at the other registrar just 10 years, but Epik is only placed you can buy it forever.

What Epik Offer to the users?

  • Forever domain name registration
  • Free lifetime Privacy Hidden

$399 Epik .COM domain Lifetime Registration – Black Friday 2018 Sale

Check out Epik domain name registrar at Icann Here

I’ve checkout this offer and below is a screenshot of the discount on Black Friday 2018

epik-domain lifetime registration

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