$39 Checkbot – The Best Chrome Extension For SEO, Speed & Security Audits 1-Year Subscription

The provider of Checkbot.io Chrome Browser extension is going to share with us a deal which is the 1-year subscription for only $39. Checkbot is one of the most Significant chrome browser extension that brings up the best tool and features to the web developers, SEOers, and website owners.

It helps to check then ON-page SEO, the security status of websites, check about the SSL certificate on your sites, check out broken page links, duplicated contents, and many more.

Security best practices
-Use HTTPS on all pages
-Avoid mixed content errors
-Secure password forms
-Enable HSTS preload
-Turn on XSS protection
-Disable type sniffing

Speed best practices
-Eliminate redirects chains
-Avoid inlining CSS & JS
-Minify CSS & JavaScript
-Leverage browser caching
-Enable server compression
-Avoid render blocking scripts

SEO best practices
-Fix all broken page links
-Use unique page titles
-Eliminate duplicate pages
-Use valid HTML, CSS & JS
-Avoid temporary redirects
-Use human-readable URLs

Check out Now

Here is what you will going to get with Checkbot Pro $39 subscription:

  • For large sites & advanced features
  • 10,000 URLs per crawl
  • Unlimited crawls
  • Unlimited sites
  • Ad-free
  • Crawl localhost URLs
  • CSV export & bulk export
  • HTTP Auth password support
  • Skip URLs by pattern & type
  • Constraint pages crawled
  • Customize crawler User-Agent

Here is some of images for a first look about the Checkbot tool:

***It’s a limited time offer- this deal will close down soon.

This post published on December 14th, 2018(14-12-2018)

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