$35 The Ultimate Life Hacker Master Class Bundle

Today you can hack your life with the guides from the courses bundle to win the job, success in life. For just $35 The Ultimate Life Hacker Master Class Bundle.

What’s Included

Create Your Dream Job: Hack the Job Search & Skip the Ladder $200 Value. How to Use the “Slipstream Technique” to Shortcut Your Career Success & Work Directly with Industry Transformers

Productivity Master Class: How to Powerfully Get Things Done $199 Value. Master a 4-Step Framework Sure to Optimize Your Productivity.  You’ll learn a 4-step productivity framework that you can implement immediately to start getting more done towards your goals

Health & Nutrition Master Class $199 Value. Master the 3 Surprising Steps That Can Finally Transform Your Health In the Next 30 Days.

30-Day Challenge: Boost Your Productivity & Happiness $199 Value. Live a More Productive Life with Guidance From an Award-Winning MBA Professor.

The Complete Presentation & Public Speaking Course $200 Value. From Page to Stage: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Giving a Great Speech.

Active Listening: A Practical Guide to Being an Active Listener $199 Value. Harness Your Charisma to Increase Your Impact, Influence & Income.

Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory $145 Value. Triple Your Learning Speed with the Sequel to an e-Learning Hit.

Branding You: How to Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire $195 Value.

Become a Speed Demon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time $95 Value. Blaze Through the Day’s Most Time-Consuming Activities & Free up More Time For Yourself.

5 Day Memory Mastery: Learn to Memorize Anything with Ease $200 Value. Discover the Neuroscience-Based Memory Techniques & Mnemonics Used by World Champions.

The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Master Class Course $199 Value. Ace Any Job Interview & Score Your Dream Career.

This post published on Dec 29, 2019

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