$29 CODIJY Pro License Key for Mac, Window

This time you totally have a chance to own CODIJY Pro license key for only $29 to activate it on Mac or Window Computer. Please select correctly Window or Mac license key before you buy it it. It is a flash sale offer, the provider will close it down soon.

CODIJY Pro is a powerful Mac, Window application that can transform any white-black image into a colorful image in around 30 minutes.


  • Refresh stock images with new colors for your website
  • Add color accents to featured images for your blog & social media posts
  • Create stunning vintage illustrations by colorizing old vintage images
  • Create stunning images just by tweaking colors into more vivid tones
  • Highlight objects while removing colors from the rest of the image or some areas
  • Test different color schemes
  • Surprise your grandmother by coloring her youth photos

– Applying colors with simple strokes
– State-of-art processing algorithms

– Full & Partial Image Processing
– Unique Instant Preview Mode (real-time result generation)

Dedicated Colorizer Toolbox
– Color, Gradient, Color Protection & De-color Pens
– Advanced Color Picking
– Advanced Repainting and Color Adjustment
– Advanced Gradient Settings
– Gradient Capture Tool

– 32 Color Libraries covering people outlook, materials, landscape and more
– Create new libraries
– Export Color History to a Library
– Import and Export Libraries

Supported Formats
– PNG, TIFF, JPEG and other popular formats
– CODIJY document (MGD) saves masks and color history
– Import/export masks and libraries

– Localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
– Starter Lessons with training Examples,
– Quick-Start Tutorial for Proficient Users, Online User Manual
– Collection of 20+ Examples
– Facebook Colorization Group supported by CODIJY enthusiasts
– 24/7 free support

System Requirements
– Windows XP or Higher
– Mac OS X 10.8 or later

$29 CODIJY Pro License Key for Mac, Window

Deal Terms:

  • CODIJY Pro Commercial License allows you to use CODIJY Pro for both personal and commercial uses including the use by a single user for providing photo restoration services.
  • The users are allowed to install software on two computers, implying the copies won’t be used concurrently.
  • You will receive a unique license key and software download link after your successful order.
  • You need to register this key to unlock the PRO features of the Codijy software.

This post published on January 30th, 2019

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