The provider of Perfmatters WordPress plugin has made a great offer that is a 30% off any subscription plans this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale season. To get a discount you must apply a coupon code 30% off for Black Friday 2022.

  • 30% off Perfmatters coupon Black Friday 2022
  • Expires: Dec 1, 2022

Here are the great features of Perfmatters WordPress plugin:

  • Disable emojis
  • Disable embeds
  • Remove query strings
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Remove jQuery migrate
  • Remove WordPress version number
  • Remove wlwmanifest link
  • Remove RSD link
  • Remove shortlink
  • Disable RSS feeds
  • Remove RSS feed links
  • Remove Dashicons
  • Disable scripts per page/post
  • Disable scripts with Regex
  • CDN Rewrite
  • Disable Password Strength Meter
  • Disable self-pingbacks
  • Disable WordPress Heartbeat API
  • Change Heartbeat API frequency
  • Disable and limit post revisions
  • Remove REST API links
  • Change the autosave interval
  • DNS prefetching
  • Preconnect
  • Disable WooCommerce scripts and styles
  • Disable WooCommerce widgets
  • Disable WooCommerce status meta box
  • Disable WooCommerce cart fragments (AJAX)
  • Disable Google Maps API
  • Multisite support
  • Change WordPress login URL
  • Local analytics

Perfmatters WordPress plugin is a plugin that can help you turn off the unnecessary scripts or WordPress features which is pull your WordPress speed load slow down.  Once, you have enabled Perfmatters WordPress plugin, you can shut down any script or feature that you don’t want to use. 

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Coupon expires: December 1nd, 2022 (1-12-2022)

This is a coupon code for Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sale season of 2022. It’s a limited-time offer. There is no way to grab a big discount such as this one unless waiting for the next Black Friday of next year.

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