$14.99 Course Building Static Websites With Jekyll and Github Pages

If you are looking for a new CMS blogging platform that for fast loading, easy to use and maintain, generate static website, highly security; it’s a great time to get started. Do you know that out there a lot of CMS blogging platform like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, more. Which one of these are you using now? These CMS blogging platform is great but we must install a lot of plugin, extension to make sure our website work well. Today I would like to present to you a new Blogging platform that is Jekyll CMS. Jekyll is promising for a nice website, skyrocket loading. I’ve seen a lot of website using Jekyll that can gain the one hundred percents of Google page speed insight for Desktop and Mobile devices. I’ve been checked on Myself and the results are very impress me. That why I really want to try out with Jekyll for my website projects.

Do you know that Github allows you to create a website with Jekyll CMS for free + Custom domain name. And you can turn on SSL certificate with CloudFlare CDN too. When blogging with Github Pages, you will have a great website than ever.

If you are the one who love writing contents in markdown, Github pages are the great one for you.

How to get started with Jekyll? Let’s find some courses around the Net to help you at the first start.

$14.99 Course, Jekyll: make fast, secure static sites and blogs with Jekyll

What you’ll learn
  • create a website or a blog with Jekyll
  • create layouts
  • use Liquid templating language
  • deploy the page to Github
  • use custom data from external files

jekyll-learning course

$14.99 Course, Building Static Websites With Jekyll and Hugo

What you’ll learn
  • learn how to build a static website with either Jekyll or Hugo
  • learn how to build a website with Jekyll or Hugo
  • how to install Jekyll and Hugo
  • learn to build layouts. templates, add content, posts and pages
  • how to deploy Jekyll and Hugo host it for free
  • cloud hosting solutions for Jekyll or Hugo
  • much more!


$14.99 Course, Create Static Sites with Jekyll And GitHub Pages

What you’ll learn
  • Install the Jekyll software
  • Create a basic Jekyll blog or website on your local machine
  • Use GitHub Pages to host your Jekyll-generated site for free
  • Migrate from your existing WordPress blog or site using jekyll-import


$14.99 Course,Create Jekyll blog and host it on Github like a Ninja

What you’ll learn
  • Host any website on Github for free
  • Create your own Blogging system with Jekyll
  • Use custom domain name with Github
  • Basics of Git

Free Course in Portuguese Language: Criando sites estáticos com Jekyll. Aprenda a criar sites estáticos com o Jekyll e hospedar diretamente no Github Pages. Get Free Course.   This Course will guide you how to create a static website with Jekyll + Github pages in Portuguese Language

To find out more Jekyll Courses: Checkout this page

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