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$100 Credit Red Hat Openshift Online Pro VPS Hosting

Red Hat Openshift offers a $100 free credit on Online PRO VPS plan. The server located in Euro area.

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VPS Online Pro Package details:

For professional projects and hosting.

  • 10 Projects
  • 2GiB Memory Included
    Up to 48GiB Memory Available
  • 2GiB Terminating Memory Included  
    Up to 20GiB Terminating Memory Available
  • 2GiB Storage Included
    Up to 150GiB Storage Available
  • Always On, Unlimited Usage
  • Invite Collaborators to Projects
  • Supports Custom Domains
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Basic Support
  • In your Region (Hosted in Europe)!

$100 Free Credits

Red Hat Openshift Online Pro VPS

This post published on January 19th, 2019

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